Lickin Chicken

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Lickin Chicken

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Lickin Chicken. A Clucking hot, sweet, sticky sauce!

Being a vegetarian Pip was a little bit challenged when asked to create a sauce specifically to go with a pop up waffle and fried chicken kitchen. But there is nothing like a challenge to get those creative juices flowing. Using waffles as the key inspiration and thoughts of American breakfasts Lickin Chicken is the classic combination of Chilli and Maple Syrup.

Its one of the hotter sauces in our range. With the amount of Naga Chillis and Scotch Bonnets we put in it that's for sure! We think it goes fantastically well as a marinade for tofu but that popup kitchen are raving about how well it works with chicken. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

100% Vegan!


Cider Vinegar (34%) (contains sulphites), Chilli (20%), red peppers (20%) , maple syrup (10%), tomato paste (10), garlic (6%), salt.

Allergens shown in bold.