Pin Game x Pip's Hot Sauce

Peaky Blinder (limited edition)

Hot Sauce & Enamel Pin

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Pip's Hot Sauce is proud of our Birmingham heritage. Our city is not just the home of Heavy Metal and Heavy Industry. We wanted to create a sauce that represents our pride in Birmingham and that's the inspiration behind our Peaky Blinder sauce.

Made with Chocolate Habanero chillies (a nod to Cadbury's in case you missed it) and Blood Orange, Peaky Blinder sauce is as fiery as the furnaces of old Brum and sharp as the cultural and creative diversity of modern Brum. Over poached eggs it will take your breakfast to another spicy level.

When the guys from Birmingham based pin badge company, Pin Game, approached us to collaborate our Peaky Blinder sauce was the obvious choice. The Peaky character on the bottle was drawn by local tattoo artist Yonitatouages and is perfect for the high quality, enamel, metal pin badge that comes with each bottle.



Peppers (40%), Cider Vinegar (Sulphites) (25%), Carrot (10%), Garlic (10%), Chilli (5%), Blood Orange Juice (5%), Onion (4%), Brown Sugar, Salt.