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Birmingham bastions, Pips Hot Sauce and Home of Metal have come together to concoct an almighty new condiment entitled ‘Black Mass’.

This is hot sauce as you’ve never tasted before; forged with black garlic, the finest chillies and roasted onions for a deep and complex flavour packed with earthy sweetness. Like the metal heritage of our shared home, Birmingham, this sauce is very dark, very heavy (and vegan!)

”The fires, whose lurid, sullen light had been visible for miles, blazed fiercely up in the great works and factories of the town. The din of hammers, the rushing of steam and the dead, heavy clanking of engines, was the harsh music which arose from every quarter.” – Charles Dickens describing Birmingham in 1836.

Home of Metal is devoted to music that turned up the volume, down-tunes guitars, and introduces a whole new meaning to the word 'heavy'. They tell the broad & diverse story, from the pioneers of Metal 50 years ago, to the contemporary innovators, celebrating & supporting all that is Metal culture. 🤘

200ml bottle

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