About Pip’s Hot Sauce

Pip’s Hot Sauce is a devilishly spicy chilli sauce brand. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality, these sauces are made by chilli heads for chilli heads who love flavour as well as spice!


Rich red, La Boca Del Diablo was the first we came up with. It has a smoky heat with a lovely slow after-burn. Pip & Matt use it on pretty much everything they eat at Hot Sauce HQ. It's delicious as an accompaniment to pasta and pizza, or with poached eggs and a Bloody Mary for a pick-me-up breakfast.
Our next sauce was Feugo del Verde. Pals wanted something sweet, but we didn’t want something that was too jam-like. We decided to make ours with fiery green peppers. Many swear by this sauce in their bacon butty, but we love it in a prawn stir-fry.
When the sun is out and the BBQ is hot we like to spice it up with our two BBQ sauces. For the cautious we recommend La Barbacoa, with just a hint of chilli. If you are more daring we have La Barbacoa del Diablo. This sauce contains Bourbon for an extra boozy kick. For extreme chilli-heads we have a really, really hot sauce: Nagatropolis. Matt can handle this on loads of meals but Pip tends to steer clear unless she has a cold (or a hangover!)